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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Irby Boggle

The Irby Boggle

On All Saint`s Day (November 1)1455, Rosamund Guy and Neville Randall, a young couple on the eve of their wedding went for a walk in Irby Dale Woods, a beauty spot some six miles west of Grimsby. When they failed to return a search was made but neither of them was ever seen again. Just what happened that evening is not known to this day, but it was widely suspected that after a terrible quarrel, the man murdered his fiancĂ©e and then fled the village never to be seen again. The girl`s father swore that unless he was brought to justice her ghost would haunt the Irby Dale Wood for five hundred years. It was once strongly believed that the apparition dressed in her white wedding dress walks the dale woods at night and it is said that many years after the couple vanished, workmen widening a gateway to the woods uncovered a woman`s skeleton beneath the shade of an ancient beach still baring Rosamund and Neville`s initials. Local people once shunned the area especially at night and it was said that whenever farm horses past the spot they would rear up in fear.

The following extract from a letter written by George Herbert Willerton, describes one possible encounter with the Dale Boggle: "A Mr J. Warwick who lived on a hill at Irby in the one storeyed house opposite our field, a retired policeman, told us he went to Skell Hill on the way to swallow on the beat. A rustling went past him. He said "Goodnight" but there was no reply. He acknowledged that he was a little scared. This was in the dark, of course and his hair stood on end. This is the story I remember him telling us boys."

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